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[sticky post] Comments, spam, and you

Because of the recent wave of spam comments I've set the community to require membership before you can comment. Membership is still open, so if you have something to say please join the community first. When this current situation is over I'll set us back to open commenting.

Сионизм - вкратце.

Обнуление истории сопровождается обнулением ума. Эти иудеи и Ковальчук в том числе, марксисты. Образование можно получать, изучая учения или анализируя учения. О том, что они имеют ограниченный ум, им неизвестно. Иудеи в большую политику попали случайно, благодаря жрецам, устроившим им исход. Об этом узнал Иисус и попытался им восстановить реальную историю. Иудеи не знают свой антропологии и своего эмоционального содержания. Обнуление истории и ума несущественно влияет на работу сантехником и по полной ограничивает в системе управления. Почему рухнул СССР пока не объяснено и по этому, теория власти не написана. Власть - понятие антропологическое. Никаких глобальный целей достигнуто не будет, потому что теоретические ошибки накопятся быстрее. Если бы СССР не рухнул, власть коммунистическая спилась бы быстрее, чем общество и СССР всё равно бы рухнул. В дополнение к пьянству, есть иные эмоциональные влечения, разрушающие власть быстрее, чем общество. Куда делись великие и могучие чингизиды? Потомство ханов Кыя и Мамая исчезло в виде князей Глинских. Пока скифы были диким народом, они были непобедимы и как только они захотели иметь государство, со страниц истории были вычеркнуты.

Visual editor or Rich text editor?

A question for english-speaking colleagues:

Several FAQs refer to "Rich text editor" as opposed to HTML editor, whereas in the interface it is called "Visual editor". What is the right option, ater all?

#303. What is the Ratings feature?

LiveJournal has tree popularity-based features:

Top Ratings are available to everyone on the [[gmlitem:/statistics/index.bml.title.ratings]] page.

    Popular Entries rating

    The Popular Entries rating on LiveJournal's homepage highlights recent entries which are popular with other LiveJournal users. It is updated every hour; the key parameter is number of unique users who have visited the page. The 25 most popular community entries can be seen on the homepage; next entries in the rating download dynamically as you scroll the page down.

    User rating

    On the main LiveJournal page and on the Ratings page you can see the rating of the most popular users counted by their social capital. You can view the most popular users:
    «all time» - By social capital: this rating is based on the social capital of the journal. The rating is updated once a day.
    «today» - By social capital for the last 24 hours: this rating is based on activity of all journal visitors for the last 24. This rating is updated once an hour.

    If you want to know where your or somebody else's journal is in the Ratings, use the search form on the Users Rating page.

    Community Rating

    On the main LiveJournal page and on the Ratings page you can see the rating of the most popular communities counted by their social capital. You can view the most popular communities:
    «all time» - By social capital: this rating is based on a social capital of the community. It is updated once a day.
    «today» - By social capital for the last 24 hours: this rating is based on activity of all journal visitors for the last 24. This rating is updated once an hour.

    If you want to know where a certain community is in the Ratings, use the search form on the Community Ratings page.

    Ratings Visibility for an Individual Entry

    Even if your journal or community participate in Ratings feature, you can exclude certain entries from the Ratings. To do this, you should check the box "Do not include in ratings" on the posting new entry page. If your journal or community does not participate in Ratings, you will not see this checkbox. This box will also be automatically checked (with no alternatives) if you are posting a private entry, as private entries are not displayed in Ratings.

    Further reading


Every LiveJournal user can customize the popular entries rating, which is displayed on the main page. It can be done on the main page or on the Manage Ratings page.

Managing Ratings on the main page

On the main LiveJournal page in the upper right corner there is a box with ratings view settings. There you can choose:
  • Hide or show multiple posts from the same account
  • Hide or show posts from friends
  • Hide or show read posts and blocked users.

Hovering the cursor over an entry on the main page you can:
  • Mark entry as read
  • Hide the entry's author from the rating (this user or community will be added to the blacklist).
Entries which you have marked as read as well as entries from blacklisted journals or communities are hidden from the ratings if &laguo;Hide read posts & blocked users» setting is enabled. If you choose «Show hidden posts», read posts and posts from blacklisted users will be shown in the rating; their heading and text will be coloured grey and there will be frame around such posts. By hovering the cursor over such entry you can mark it as unread or restore its author in the rating (this user or community will be deleted from the blacklist).

«[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.pagetitle]]» page

If you do not want to see at top ratings entries from certain journals or communities, you can add them to blacklist. You can do this on the page «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.pagetitle]]». To do this, you should in the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.subtitle.add]]» field usernames of the users whose entries you do not wish to see in top of Ratings, separating them by commas, then press "Add" and "Save". All those journals, as well as ones you have chosen to hide on the main page, will appear in the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.subtitle.remove]]» box. You can add up to 2000 journals in your blacklist.

What if I wish to return hidden journal to top of Ratings?

If you change your mind and decide to restore certain journals to top, you can do this on the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.pagetitle]]» page. In the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.subtitle.remove]]» box hover the cursor over the author's username, press to the cross and then «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.save]]». After that, the entries from this journal will appear in top of Ratings once again.

Some hints about adjusting your Ratings view

  • When you hide a journal from the top: when hiding posts function is enabled, you will not see entries from this journal in the Rating. However, if the journal's owner posts an entry to a community and this entry makes it to the top, you will see it in the Rating as well.
  • When you hide a community from the top: when hiding posts function is enabled, you will not see entries from this community in the Rating, regardless who have written these entries. If one of the community members post an entry to his/her personal journal or to another community and this entry makes it to the top, you will see it in the Rating as well.
  • Promo and "must-read" are always displayed. If promo contains an entry from the journal or community you have hidden, you will see it anyway.

I cannot see my journal/community in Ratings feature!

If your journal or community is absent in Ratings, check the following:

All these conditions must be fulfilled for journal or community to appear in Ratings. When all the settings are adjusted, the journal or community will appear in Ratings only after their annual remeasurement.

Please note that there are restrictions on participants number in every Rating of users and communities. This means a journal can participate in Ratings but be absent in a certain type depending on current values.

Ratings Visibility for an Individual Entry

Even if your journal or community participate in Ratings feature, you can exclude certain entries from the Ratings. To do this, you should check the box "Do not include in ratings" on the posting new entry page. If your journal or community does not participate in Ratings, you will not see this checkbox. This box will also be automatically checked (with no alternatives) if you are posting a private entry, as private entries are not displayed in Ratings.

My journal, community or entry is not displayed in one of the Ratings type

A journal, entry or community can be absent in one type of Ratings only. The scenarios could be as follows:

Most likely, this happened because Protection from driving the numbers up has been activated. This system prevents certain users from artificially driving the numbers up and thus promoting in Ratings. If this system reacts to a certain journal/community/entry, it is automatically excluded from one of the Ratings type. They may appear in Ratings again next time if the system does not count them suspicious.

Moreover, an entry, a journal or a community may be excluded from Ratings by LiveJournal administration if there is a suspicion that you have conciously manipulated Ratings. All mischievous actions aimed at gaining in the ranking (such as artificial audience attraction, using bots and so on) are considered manipulating.

Suspension is restriction of access to certain entries or to the whole journal. A journal or a community can be suspended if their content is violating Terms of Service. Account suspensions are generally used by the Abuse Prevention Team as a last resort. In most cases, a user will be provided with an opportunity to delete any content that is in violation of the Terms of Service before his or her account is suspended or placed in read-only mode. Immediate suspensions are done for certain reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Denial of Service attacks,

  • account break-ins,

  • violation of a previous Abuse Prevention Team directive,

  • and journals where all material is a violation of the Terms of Service.

Please note that Abuse Prevention Team is not obliged to send you an email notification on the reason of your journal's suspension.

How do I send a request to Abuse Prevention Team?

For security purposes, the Abuse Prevention Team communicate on journal suspension with the account owner only. You can send a request to Abuse Prevention team by filling the [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.title]] form and selecting the [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.abuse.type.suspend]] option.

[What should I do if my account has been suspended?]What should I do if my account has been suspended?
  1. Log in to your LiveJournal account
  2. If you do not remember your password, consult this FAQ. If you cannot log in to your account because it has been broken into, read this FAQ.
  3. Check the [[username]].livejournal.com page. The suspension reason is stated right next to the message about suspension.
  4. If you do not see the suspension reason or you do not agree with it, you can visit the [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.title]] form and select the option [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.abuse.type.suspend]]. Please include your username, and be sure that you are writing from the email address that is currently validated or has been validated on your LiveJournal account.

When will I receive an answer to my request?

The Abuse Prevention Team will respond as quickly as possible to any inquiries regarding suspension or read-only status; however, in some cases it may take several days, depending on volume. Please do not open multiple requests, as this will not accelerate the procedure.

In most cases, users whose journals have been suspended will be unsuspended and provided with a limited time window in which to correct the violations of the Terms of Service. However, some suspended journals will not be reinstated for certain reasons, which include but are not limited to:

  • journals created solely for abuse,
  • journals where all material is a violation of the Terms of Service,
  • journals belonging to users with an extensive history of abuse,
  • journals created to circumvent directives of the Abuse Prevention Team,
  • and journals whose owners have previously received notifications from Abuse Prevention Team but commited repeated violation.

Please be aware that any account that has been suspended for more than 6 months may be purged from the service. If your account has been permanently suspended, please see this FAQ for information on downloading your journal entries. Here you can read more on how to contact Abuse Prevention Team and what a complaint processing procedure is.

The Spam Protection setting can be activated to help automatically identify potential spam comments and messages. Comments marked as spam will be placed in the separate category which cannot be reached by ordinary visitors of your journal or community. Spam messages will be moved to a special folder in your Inbox. Enabling Spam Protection activates this system both for comments in your journal/community and your private messages, indentifying spam and allowing you to take actions. If the Spam Protection setting is enabled, notifications about most suspicious comments and personal messages will not be sent.
There is a variety of criteria that helps to identify a comment as spam, such as suspicious links, journal owner friends' reaction, and other statistical parameters. There are certains cases, however, when a comment is not checked.

If there are suspisious comments left to an entry, you can view them by adding ?mode=showspam to the entry's address. (If there already is a "?" sign in the address, add &mode=showspam instead). Moreover, near the number of comments link another link will appear. This one will lead to the comments page and will show the number of comments left to the entry. The suspicious comments page is available for an entry's author both in personal journals and in community. These comments can also be seen by the community administration — its owner, maintainers и moderators).

Though other users cannot see suspicious comments next to the regular ones, an author of such comment will still be able to see it at the same page with other comments. The suspicious comment's author can delete it, if it was not sent anonymously.

Spam Protection is enabled by default for all journals and communities. If you wish to manage spam yourself, you can disable the Protection in the Account Settings.In this case all comments, regardless of their contents, will be shown on the same page. No matter whether the Protection is enabled or not, you can still mark comments as spam. If you had received suspicious comments before you disabled Spam Protection system, these comments will remain available on the "Suspicious comments" page for you to view and manage them.

What can I do with a suspicious comment?

The "Suspicious comments" page looks almost like the regular comment page, but the difference is that you can take additional actions to suspicious comments. In communities, your ability to take actions regarding suspicious comments depends on your place in the community management. Every action regarding regular and spam comments taken by users makes an impact to Spam Protection system learning, so by managing comments you make a contribution to its development.

Who is able to see all the suspicious comments and manage them:

  • In personal journal:

    • an entry's author:

      • — delete all comments from this user and block him;

      • — unmark this comment and move it to regular comments;

  • In community:

    • an entry's author:

      • delete commnent;

      • — unmark this comment and move it to regular comments;

    • community's owner or maintainer:

      • — delete all comments from this user in this community and block him;

      • — unmark this comment and move it to regular comments;

    • community's moderator:

      • — unmark this comment and move it to regular comments.

If the suspicious comment was sent anonymously, only this comment can be deleted (not all the comments from this user). For blocking anonymous participants there is another way.

I have enabled the Protection, but there is still spam in the comments!

Unfortunately, the Spam Protection system is not perfect, but every user can make it better by marking regular comments as spam.If you have noticed a spam comment among the others, please do this. No matter whether the Spam Protection is enabled or not, there is a button "Mark as spam" next to every comment (except for the ones from moderators, maintainers and owners of a community). Below there is a list of who can see this button and what can they do:
  • In personal journal:

    • journal's owner:

      • — mark the comment as spam, block its author and delete all his comments in the entire journal;

  • In community:

    • an entry's author:

      • — mark as spam and delete all this user's comments to this entry;

    • community's owner or maintainer:

      • — mark as spam and delete all this user's comments in the entire community.

If the suspicious comment was sent anonymously, only this comment can be deleted (not all the comments from this user). For blocking anonymous participants there is another way.
The same buttons are available at Private messages notification system and can be used for the very same actions.

My comments are mistakenly marked as spam! What should I do?

If your comment is marked as spam while it is not one, and you want other users to see it, you should contact the users who have access to the suspicious comments page and ask them to check your comment. Nobody except them would be able to see your comment and help you.
If there is no reaction to your request, try deleting your comment, editing it and posting again. If there was a link to another website in your comment, try deleting it: chances are the Spam Protection system is reacting to this link.

You might also want to learn under what conditions the comments are not checked and marked as spam.

Under what conditions the Spam Protection system will not check my comment for spam?

The cases in which the Spam Protection system will not check the comments for spam are listed below:
  • In personal journal, if:

    • the comment is posted by the journal's owner;

    • the comment is posted by the journal's owner friend;

  • In community, if:

    • the comment is posted by the community member (except for communities with free membership);

    • the comment is posted by the community's owner ;

    • the comment is posted by the community's maintainer;

    • the comment is posted by the community's moderator;

  • the comment is posted by the Paid or Permanent account owner;

  • the comment is posted by the member of notaspammer community.

Spam protection for messages

When Spam Protection is activated, private messages from users who have been identified as potential spammers are marked as spam and moved to a special folder in your Inbox. As with comments, you can review these messages at any time to either delete them or mark them as not spam.

Further reading

rewrite of http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/307.html

Please note that verification code approval from the search system can arrive after some time (normally less than a day, mostly just several hours). Your account must be available for search systems indexation, in other case the meta-tags will not be found in the code of your journal's pages and you will not be able to verify your membership in the affiliate program.

Google Analytics

Every LJ user regardless of his or her account type can adjust Google Analytics to his or her journal. If you want to implement Google Analytics in your journal or community, you need to use your Google Analytics account. If you do not have one yet, you can read instructions about how to get it here.
Google Analytics functions by having LiveJournal include a small script on each journal page for which statistics are tracked when the user has enabled this feature. The script appears on all pages under your subdomain (exampleusername.livejournal.com for a user named "exampleusername"). This includes, but is not limited to, your journal, your profile, your friends page, and individual entry pages in your journal (including Friends-only and Private entries). Such personification is enabled by the «web property ID». You can read more about it at Google Support.

LiveJournal automatically implement the tracking code in each page of your journal or community. All you need to do is indicate your web property ID (you get one from Google Analytics) in your Account Settings.
[Implementing Google Analytics]
Implementing Google Analytics
  1. Create a new profile for your journal in Google Analytics account settings, indicating its address in «site URL» field: ([[journalurl]]).
  2. Get a «web property ID»:UA-XXXXXXX-YY.
  3. Go to the «[[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.cat.integration]]» tab of the Account Settings page. If you are implementing Google Analytics for a Paid community, you should firstly switch to the community's account: you should choose this community from the dropdown menu in the «[[gmlitem:web.authas.label]]» field and press «[[gmlitem:web.authas.btn]]».
  4. Enter the web property ID «[[gmlitem:setting.googleanalytics.option]]» and save changes.

You can make sure that the data collection is going on by doing this:
  • Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Open the "Reports" section.
  • In the reports list choose "Real time" and then "Browse".
  • Open any page from your journal in the new tab.
  • Go back to the Google Analytics reports and make sure your visit was recorded.

Additional information on how to work with Google Analytics may be found at Google Analytics Support.
If you have any questions or troubles while working Google Analytics, visit Google Analytics forum.

Google Webmaster Tools

You might need Google Webmaster Tools if you want to:
  • Know how your journal are indexated in the seach system and which pages made it to search index.
  • Improve your journal's presentation in search results.
  • Learn which search requests bring users to your journal.
  • Unbloch your journal in search results if it was blocked for some reason.

Additional information on Webmater Tools may be found at Google Support.

[Implementing Google Webmaster Tools]
Implementing Google Webmaster Tools:
  1. Log in to your Google account.
  2. Press «Add site» and enter your journal's address ([[journalurl]]).
  3. On the next page choose «Alternative tools» tab and then «add meta-tag».
  4. Copy the «content» attribute from the field provided. It should look like this: NpZKSK2ATV3LTYIxsX4t78X0L_AI6bIA5BuhOMy4MCM
  5. Paste the «content» attribute on the Account Settings page on the «[[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.cat.integration]]» tab in «[[gmlitem:setting.webmastertools_google.label]]» field and save changes. If you are implementing Webmaster Tools for a community you should firstly switch to the community's account: in the «[[gmlitem:web.authas.label]]» field choose this community from the dropdown menu and then press «[[gmlitem:web.authas.btn]]».
  6. Click «Submit» on the Google Webmaster page. If you receive congratulaations from Google and message «submission successful», you can use the service. If you have pasted the «content» attribute in LiveJournal settings and Google wouldn't sumbit your account, try again in the next several hours.

Additional information on implementing the Webmaster Tools may be found at Google Support.

Privacy policy

Information about the visitor, such as browser statistics, browser referer data, and presumed location based on IP address, is gathered by the script and sent directly to Google Analytics.

Information gathered by Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools is governed by Google's privacy policy. All data gathering, data storage, and reports for each journal's Google Analytics are at the Google Analytics website, and are outside of LiveJournal's control.

If you need help locating the Google Analytics Web Property ID or the Google Webmaster Tools meta tag content value, or viewing or interpreting your reports, please see the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools documentation or technical support.
Friends of a deceased LiveJournal user can send a support request with subject "%username% acct memorial" specifying the username of the deceased. To prevent false memorial status requests, it is advisable to include additional facts which may be helpful to check the information about the decease such as social networks accounts adresses, links to discussions, news, etc. Members of the LiveJournal Customer Care Team will then place the account in memorial status.
In the LiveJournal shop there is a "LJ Shop Themes" page, where you can buy a premium theme for your journal or community. Every LJ user regardless of his or her account type can buy any theme available. You can even buy out a whole theme so that it will no longer be available for other users in the LJ shop (though it will still be available for users who have already purchased it).

How do I buy the Theme I like?

Go to the LiveJournal shop page and choose a theme. Click the zoom icon in the upper right corner and check out how the theme you have chosen will appear in your journal. There is a price under each theme as well as the number of users who have already purchased it.

To buy a theme, click on the theme image, then choose the journal to apply the theme to. At this step you can also decide whether you wish to buy a theme for the particular journal/community, or you would rather buy out the whole theme. After that, click on the button.

You can then choose the jounal or community you are buying this theme for from the dropdown menu. You can only choose your own journal or a community you own or maintain. If you wish to apply this theme immediately, check the box ☑ Apply theme after purchase.

You can also buy out the whole theme. This means it will disappear from the shop and nobody else will be able to buy it. Note that for users who have already bought it this theme will still be available.

There are different prices for different themes. There is a discount for Paid and Permanent account owners. Moreover, you get a discount when buying a theme for a community with paid account (even if you have Basic or Plus account).

Any purchased themes will remain available to you for the life of your account. You can always choose it as your current theme on the Select Journal Style page. If you have purchased a theme for one of your communities, do not forget to select it in the "Work as User" field and press "Go".

How do I customize a purchased theme?

After purchasing a theme, you can customize it. To do this, go to the Select Journal Style page and click the "Purchased" tab. Select the theme and press "Customize". You are then redirected to the "Customize Journal Style" page, where you can edit additional parameters. Which parameters you can adjust for a particular theme is specified on the "Buy theme" page.
LiveJournal предлагает мобильные приложения для iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Phone, и Windows Mobile. Также существует ряд приложений сторонних разработчиков, которые позволяют вам использовать Livejournal без необходимости открытия в веб-браузере.

Мобильные приложения

На странице Мобильный LiveJournal вы сможете выбрать операционную систему вашего мобильного устройства и получить ссылку на последнюю версию официального приложения LiveJournal для вашего устройства.

Ключевые функции текущей версии (2.0.4)

- Отправка записей в свой журнал и в сообщества, в которых вы участвуете;
- Выбор тегов для записи с автодополнением;
- Выбор юзерпика и уровня доступа для записи;
- Значения по умолчанию для всех свойств записи;
- Добавление фотографий из галереи и из камеры;
- Определение местоположения (функция может быть отключена) со ссылкой на Google Maps;
- Вместе с определёнными географическими координатами можно добавить произвольный текст в поле для местоположения;
- Возможность вставки тегов LJ-user, LJ-cut, и выделения текста полужирным, курсивом или зачёркиванием;
- Личные сообщения, сгрупированные по пользователям, как чаты или SMS-переписка;
- Автоматическое сохранение при нажатии на кнопку «Домой» или при принятии звонка.

Приложения для рабочего стола и браузера

Вы также можете пользоваться сервисами Livejournal с помощью дополнительных программ и приложений для вашего веб-браузера. Программы, перечисленные ниже, разработаны сторонними сервисами, поэтому Livejournal не несет гарантий за функциональность и безопасность дынных приложений.


Semagic - приложение, разработанное и доступное для загрузки для операционной системы Windows, которое также может использоваться для MacOS и Linux посредством WINE. Semagic позволяет публиковать новые записи и изображения в Livejournal, а также редактировать ваши существующие записи. Semagic может быть загружен со страницы SourceForge . В сообществе ljwin32_sema вы сможете найти информацию и последние обновления о приложении.
[Edit] Changes are now live - http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/290.html

This is a total rewrite of FAQ #290 which refers to an older iPhone app. The old version has been preserved at the end of the FAQ.

This FAQ's new purpose is going to be to point people to both mobile apps (http://www.livejournal.com/devices/) and any other non-mobile apps that are up to date with the disclaimer that they're third party software. Please let me know of any current apps you are aware of which are not listed!

DraftCollapse )


Clients category removal & outlined changes

This is an outline of the plans to remove the Clients FAQ category and what to do with the FAQs currently in it. The word "Client" isn't even a term I see in use anymore, and should be phased out in favor of "app" which the world has decided is the only acceptable word to use when referring to any form of software. The entire category (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/cat/clients.html) is a mix of references to desktop apps that exist, how to build your own app, and why the app you built/use is returning errors. Most of the information and apps are extremely outdated. There isn't enough here to warrant having an entire category, so the FAQs will be moved to appropriate categories.

http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/158.html - This mainly just references http://www.livejournal.com/download/ which is horribly out of date. This FAQ will be removed, and information will either be added to http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/290.html along with updated information about mobile apps, or if there are more current apps out there than I am aware of, this can have its own FAQ. Other than Semagic, though, I'm not really aware of any up to date and still being used LiveJournal apps. If you know of any, please comment with any information you have about them! All references to the /download page should also be removed from other FAQs and anywhere else on the site links to it appear.

http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/27.html - merge with
http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/216.html into a single FAQ about troubleshooting app errors. New FAQ category should probably be Troubleshooting.

http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/218.html - Re-write into a basic explanation of the various APIs / protocols that exist, but mostly just refer to http://www.livejournal.com/doc/server/ljp.csp.protocol.html and http://www.livejournal.com/doc/server/ljp.api.html. Should move to "Working with other sites" FAQ category.
[Edit] Changes to draft made based on feedback, and changes are now live on http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/259.html.

Largely rewriting and partially repurposing this FAQ as it contains some outdated or no longer relevant information in several places.

Summary of changes:

  • Question changed to "How do I simplify the appearance of LiveJournal and minimize bandwidth usage?"

  • Minor changes to summary

  • Removed Site Settings section (only 1 site setting is still available)

  • Removed ?nohtml=1 and ?format=light sections. These only partially work, and require some combination of the old site design, customized comment pages, or old friends page style in order to do anything and aren't worth including with all of the necessary exceptions outlined.

  • Moved http://m.livejournal.com/ to its own section, made minor wording changes.

  • Removed all references to Lynx as it requires the old site design; FAQ #186 still has a brief explanation of it.

  • Styles section:

    • Entirely rewrote intro section

    • Removed no longer selectable styles: A Sturdy Gesture, Classic, Clean and Simple, Magazine, Variable Flow.

    • Minor wording changes in ?style=mine section

  • Minor wording changes to Filters section

  • Off-site section - minor wording changes, Removed references to deleted FAQs from off-site section

Note: FAQ #290 is referenced in the Off-Site section even though it isn't currently the correct FAQ to use. FAQ #290 is also going to be re-written soon to be a more general FAQ about LiveJournal mobile apps & downloadable software.

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old version textCollapse )

FAQ contains information on various site schemes, but is only applicable if you are using the old design version of the site. Updated to add an intro sentence explaining this. New text:

The information in this FAQ only applies if you are using the old design of LiveJournal. The design version you are using can be changed on the display tab of the settings page.


The referenced service either no longer exists, or is so minimally used that it makes no sense to offer an FAQ dedicated to the app. FAQ text preserved under cut.

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The referenced MySpace widget no longer exists as best I can tell, and even if it does, this is not a commonly desired function any longer. FAQ text preserved under lj-cut:

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This is something we just don't see people request to do any more. Deleting the FAQ, raw code for FAQ preserved under lj-cut:

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Removing this FAQ as it was written at a time when mobile apps either didn't exist or were much more primative. http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/187.html sufficiently covers issues related to email posting, which is the method this is promoting. Preserving raw FAQ code below lj-cut.

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What video file types are supported?

The following file types are currently supported:
  • WebM (.webm)

  • AVI (.avi)

  • QuickTime File Format (.mov)

  • Windows Media Video (.wmv)

  • MPEG-4 (.mp4)

  • Matroska (.mkv)

  • 3GPP (.3gp) (please note that 3GPP2 format is not currently supported.)

What file size or time limits exist for a single video?

There is no limit for file size except for that imposed by LiveJournal storage capacity for the user.

What are account storage limits for video hosting?

The storage limit is based on your account level, and your limit is shared with your photo hosting space as well. The current limits are:

  • Basic & Plus users: 1 GB.

  • Paid users: 2 GB (expandable to 10 GB through the shop.)

  • Permanent accounts: 15 GB.

Are there any known browser incompatibilities?

The video player is known to have problems when running in Internet Explorer versions 9 and earlier, and has intermittent issues with Firefox. LiveJournal developers are working to resolve these problems.
This is a draft for a new FAQ about videos, and could theoretically be split into 2 different FAQs (one for albums, one for how to post videos). Let me know if you see any changes that are needed!


Your video albums can be viewed and managed at http://[[username]].livejournal.com/video/. You can directly upload videos, create albums, and view your video albums from this page. Inside each album you can easily add your videos to entries, edit the album's security level, delete videos, and change the album or an individual video's name.


Album management

On your Albums page, you can create new albums, upload a video, and see your current storage use as shown in the image below.

Albums page

Clicking on one of your albums allows you to manage the album and see all of the videos you have uploaded to it. Within a specific album you can:

Edit album title & security - Clicking the pencil icon Pencil next to the album title will allow you to edit the album's name and security level.

Managing a video - When clicking on a video, it will load the video and you are also be presented with management options for it. You can change the video's name, move it to another album, change the video's security level, mark it as containing adult content, and post it to an entry from this menu.

Add videos to an entry - When your mouse hovers over a video, its title will appear and a checkbox will appear to the left of this. You can check the box for one or more videos, and use the "Add to post" button to add the video(s) to a new entry.

Adding videos to entries

To add a video to an entry you are composing on the Update Journal page, click the "Insert Media" button Insert Media. You are then presented with several options:

  • Upload video: This option allows you to upload a video from your computer or mobile device directly to LiveJournal by clicking the "Browse..." button. Once you have selected your video, you can also give it a name, assign what album the video should go in, adjust the security level of the video, and specify whether or not it contains adult content.

  • From albums: You can select videos you have uploaded to LiveJournal in the past with this option. Select the album from the "Your albums" dropdown menu, select which video you would like to add to your entry, and click the "Insert videos" button.

  • From another website: You can use the embed code provided by another website and paste it into the field provided here.

If you are using the HTML editor, you can also add the code manually by using <lj-embed>[embed code]</lj-embed>, replacing [embed code] with the embed code provided by the hosting site.

Userpic Factory

The Userpic Factory. I'm not quite sure when we started calling it the Create Userpic page. Must have been at least a year ago. Would this be just a minor thing or is it confusing enough for users that the name also needs to be changed in the FAQs?

There's FAQ98 and FAQ194. Maybe more, probably not.

FAQ260, V-Gifts

FAQ260 still mentions that the last ten Virtual Gifts received are displayed on your Profile page.


There is a typo (or two) in FAQ232.

I'm talking about the following sentence:
Ddd them to your Friends list them with the Add Friend button at the top-right of this page.


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