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New FAQ: How do I add videos to my entries?

How do I add videos to my entries?

You can embed a video from YouTube or Photobucket using either the Rich Text editor or the <lj-template> tag.

Rich Text Editor

To embed a video using the Rich Text editor, click the LiveJournal Video button () and enter the URL of your video.


To embed a video using the <lj-template> tag, use the following code:

Make sure you replace the example URLs shown above with the actual URL of your video.

When you post an entry with an embedded video, the entry will include a video player that other users can use to watch your video. Your video will not play for a user until that user chooses to begin watching it.

If the video does not load in the video player in your entry, you will need to edit your entry and make sure that the URL of your video is correct.

If the entry appears with the error message Invalid url, it means you have tried to embed a video that is not located on YouTube or Photobucket. If your video is not located on YouTube or Photobucket, you will not be able to embed it into your entry. Instead, you can provide a text link to it.

This new FAQ will go in the Journal Entries FAQ category. FAQ 14 will also need to be updated to account for this new feature, and FAQ 204 should have the video option added to the list.
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