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994205: LJ Messenger

LiveJournal Messenger + MSN Messenger != BFF. As explained in the answer to the request linked in the subject line, logging in to one logs you out of the other. This is probably (?) true for Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger as well. I think it would be nice to mention this in FAQ 294.

Proposed addition: Note that it is not possible to log in to both LiveJournal Messenger and MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, or Windows Messenger at the same time. Logging in to one will automatically log you out of the other.

I'm not sure where to put this addition. I was thinking we would stick this right under the paragraph that goes: "When LiveJournal Messenger is active, it will appear in the lower right corner of your browser window whenever you are viewing any LiveJournal page, except secure (https://) pages such as the checkout section of the LiveJournal Store. You will need to log in to LiveJournal Messenger with your Windows Live ID to launch the service. Once you are logged in, the LiveJournal Messenger window will display a status area and your contact list."
Tags: cat-notifs, faq294, status-resolved
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