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[DRAFT] FAQ 290 - What LiveJournal apps are there? Where can I get them?

[Edit] Changes are now live -

This is a total rewrite of FAQ #290 which refers to an older iPhone app. The old version has been preserved at the end of the FAQ.

This FAQ's new purpose is going to be to point people to both mobile apps ( and any other non-mobile apps that are up to date with the disclaimer that they're third party software. Please let me know of any current apps you are aware of which are not listed!

Question: What LiveJournal apps are there? Where can I get them?


LiveJournal offers mobile apps for iPhones/iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile. There are also third party apps developed for LiveJournal that allow you to use many of LiveJournal's features without opening your web browser.


Mobile apps

LiveJournal's Devices page will allow you to select your mobile device's operating system and provide you with a link to the most recent version of the official LiveJournal app for your device.

The mobile app offers many of the features of LiveJournal, including:

  • Posting to your journal or to communities you are a member of

  • Adding photos from your device's photo library or camera

  • Tag selection with menus of your existing tags

  • Security and Userpic selection for each entry

  • LJ-user, LJ-cut, Bold, Italic and Strike formatting buttons

  • View updates to your Friends Feed

  • View your own latest entries page

  • View your notifications and private messages

  • View your friends list, visit their journals, and send them private messages

  • Browse popular communities

  • View a feed of the latest entries from popular journals and communities

Desktop apps & browser add-ons

Other software is available which will allow you to use some of LiveJournal's features through downloadable software or add-ons for your web browser. Please note that the software listed below is developed by third parties, and its functionality and safety cannot be guaranteed by LiveJournal.


Semagic is a downloadable app developed for Windows, which can also be run on MacOS and Linux by using WINE. Semagic allows you to post new entries and images to LiveJournal, and to manage your existing entries. Semagic can be downloaded from its page on SourceForge, and has a LiveJournal community at ljwin32_sema with the latest information about the app.

Old FAQ:


What is How do I install it and set it up on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

Summary: is a free LiveJournal client for the Apple iPhone that allows you to post new entries to your LiveJournal (with a toolbar for common formatting options), and receive and send personal messages. To install it, please visit the AppStore, press the "GET APP" button, and synchronize with your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Key features of current release (0.5.1)

  • Posting to your journal or communities you are a member of;

  • Tags selection with suggestions;

  • Security and Userpic selection for each entry;

  • Any of these entry preferences may be set as default;

  • Adding photos from Library/Camera;

  • Location detection (can be turned off), link to Google Maps;

  • Location text may be used simultaneously with detected coordinates;

  • LJ-user, LJ-cut, Bold, Italic and Strike formatting menu;

  • Personal messages (Inbox) grouped by user like chat or SMS;

  • Auto-save if application is closed by pressing home button or taking incoming call.

Planned for next release (0.6)

  • access to friends' list with images;

  • editing your own entries;

  • ability to save several unfinished entries.


Support is available from the developer directly, in cosysoftware_en (English) or cosysoftware (Russian).
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