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Addition to FAQ on Exporting?

(Crossposted from learn_support at the suggestion of emmavescence)

I was reading emmavescence's answer on this issue in Customization and I think the section about saving the comments page:

If this doesn't appeal to you, then you can save the comments pages (with the entries and comments for each post you make) in a "printer friendly" format. You do this by adding &usescheme=lynx to the end of each URL, which strips all the images and unnecessary links.

would be a useful addition to the FAQ on exporting. While it does take longer, it's certainly a bit nicer looking and has the option to retain more info. I would prefer to keep some of my comments rather than my initial posts as I often know what *I* said but would love to remember what friends say. Are there any thoughts on this? Has it come up before? (I've looked, but not extensively)

Hope everyone's having a fun end of summer/beginning of school/whatever applies to you :)


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