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How do I make text bold, italic or centered?

I think this FAQ could use some tweaking to emphasise the impact of bad HTML on other people's friends pages. I have recently un-friended two people because their entries threw my friends page into chaos.

After this line: "Most HTML tags must have both an opening and closing tag so, for example, your browser will know when to start and when to stop bolding a particular piece of text. For instance, to center some text, you start with an opening tag, like <center>, type your text, then enter the closing tag, </center>."

Would it be possible to add something along the lines of:

"It is important to note that failing to close some HTML tags, including <center> and <table>, can have a detrimental effect on the look of your own journal and other people's Friends pages as well."

Also, the FAQ references keyboard shortcuts at the bottom for "the LiveJournal client for Windows". Those shortcuts work for Semagic. However, on LochJournal, these shortcuts work differently. Ctrl-M creates a bulleted list. Other clients may behave differently again. This could be changed to something along the lines of:

"Some LiveJournal clients for Windows have keyboard shortcuts for common tasks in HTML. Please see the documentation for your client for details."

I think, too, that the General Guidelines section of this FAQ could be modified to create a separate entry called "What HTML tags can I use in my entries?", because it pertains to broader issues than just bold/italic/center. In Support, we often refer people asking about other types of HTML to this document, and we have to manually explain that it also discusses general guidelines and lists the approved tags, because otherwise they don't understand why we're referring them to that FAQ.

Thanks - Deslea

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