Sally Gardens (ex_sallygard858) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Sally Gardens

Suggest adding word limit info to FAQ

I originally posted this to support, and was given the answer but told that FAQ suggestions should be posted here.

Someone asked me if there is a word limit on individual journal entries. I looked through the FAQ and couldn't find anything addressing this. I've been told there is a word limit on comments, but didn't see anything addressing this, either. Please consider adding a question to each of these sections of the FAQ letting us know if there is a word limit on journal entries and comments, and what the limit is in each case. Thanks.

Here is the answer I was given:

There are some limitations on the length of journal entries and comments, as well as other types of input at LiveJournal:

Entries: 65,535 characters
Comments: 4,300 characters
Memory titles: 80 characters
Account / journal names: 50 characters
Keywords: 40 bytes
Properties (such as current music and moods): 100 characters
Custom Friends Group names: 30 characters
Usernames: 15 characters

I don't know where beginning found this info, but since at least two of us couldn't find it, it's probably not as easy to find as it should be. ;-)

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