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FAQ 78: community creation

The current wording of FAQ 78 makes it sound like you don't need an invitation code to create a community account:

Can anyone create a community?

Yes, community journals are as free a product as personal journals. Anyone with an existing LiveJournal account can create an additional journal for use as a community.

Isn't it the case that creating a community now requires you to either 1) pay for the community for at least the 2-month subscription or 2) have a free code?

The FAQ does say that the process is similar to normal account creation, so clued users will probably realize that a code is required, but I think it would be useful to emphasize that if that is the case.


Yes, anyone can create a community. However, just like the process of creating a new personal journal, the process of creating a new community requires a invitation code. For more information about codes, you can visit [probably either FAQ 131 or FAQ 104, or an invitation code FAQ, should we eventually have one].

To create a community...

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