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setting minimum security, FAQ 120, & FAQ 24

Its past my bed time so forgive me for poor wording, spelling, etc.

FAQ 120, Can I make my whole journal Friends-only or Private?, talks about setting a minimum security level for posts. The FAQ is about making the whole journal friends only or private, and its got a whole section on setting minimum security levels for the individual entries. That's nice and all, but it really doesn't belong there and its completely counter intuitive to look there for it.

FAQ 24, Who can read my journal entries? How can I make things public, private, and protected?, has no mention of setting minimum security levels yet it talks about the security level of individual entries. When a user is looking for information on setting a minimum security level (if they happen to all ready know it exists) this is where they would most likely go to look. But this FAQ is pretty huge, and really it makes no sense to add the whole minimum security bit in here.

Ideally, there should be a FAQ entitled "Can I set a minimum security level for all of my posts?" that has the information on minimum security levels that is currently in FAQ 120. The new FAQ would then be linked from both FAQ 24 and FAQ 120.

With its own FAQ, if a user goes to the Friends & Security Levels section of the FAQ because they have questions about that stuff they will also see they can set a minimum security level. Something that they may be looking for but don't know what its called or even that its possible.

At the very least FAQ 120 needs the info on minimum security levels.

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