Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ Translation Severities

I have noticed that recent changes in the LiveJournal FAQ were accompanied by insufficient notification for translators.

I believe when FAQs are edited, the respective editor has the option what level to notify translators at. There are four severity levels.

There have been changes -- for example, in FAQ #118 a number "700,000" was changed to "750,000" -- where translators were not notified at all. This should not happen. These minor changes are what Severity 1 is for.

There have also been rather major changes such as the addition of a complete sentence which adds extra information to the FAQs, which were only accompanied by a "Severity 1" setting. I believe that is not sufficient. New sentences change the content of the FAQ, therefore Severity 2 should be applied.

I suppose an entirely new (or entirely deleted) paragraph would be Severity 3, and a complete rewrite or change of an FAQ (such as that of FAQ #137 recently) should have Severity 4.

I would therefore like to ask FAQ editors to apply stronger Severities in the future in order to make it easier for translators to spot where priorities should be set.

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