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Recent discussions of FAQ/Guide content

Interested in writing FAQs and Guides? In case anyone needs to catch up with recent developments, here's where you can find out what's been going on. Per Brad's request, future discussions should take place here in 'lj_userdoc'. I'll post another announcement to this effect in lj_support, once we know how Gita wants things handled.

FAQ suggestion... (March 17-18)
Does anyone have more info on how the new "Guides vs FAQs" are going to be setup? (March 17-19)
Check out the Customer Support Plan offered here. (March 19-21)
Override Guide (March 20-21)
.HLP file (March 20 - April 5)
LJ Suggestion FAQ Question (March 26-31)
Suggestion for this area (April 3-16)
FAQ clean-up (April 5-6)
who can update the front page of FAQ's? (April 7)
fyi to the people with the power (April 16-17)
LiveJournal needs a manual! (April 16-18) *
FAQs and Guides (April 16-20) *
FAQ Push (April 17-19)
FAQs and Guides (April 18) *
"have your password sent to you" link (April 18-19)
Support Guide (April 20)
Three New FAQs (April 20)
Changed FAQ (April 21-22)
Custom Friends FYI (April 28)
Auto-format (April 28-29)
Documenting lj-cut (April 29)
small FAQ clarification? (April 29-30)
User Documentation (May 11)
Broken Docs (May 12-20)
yo, whoever's maintaining the faq pages (May 15-17)
I don't want to be a hitler. I don't want it to look like I'm trying to take over, either. (May 18)
communities (May 20-22)

* = recommended reading if you want to know what's being planned

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