Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

Okay, so I was bored.

FAQ9 - Do you delete old journal entries?

Added a link to FAQ13 (* How do I change the number of journal entries per page?) and did some general cleanup

FAQ92 - Why isn't my entry showing up where it is supposed to?

Added a link to http://status.livejournal.org; took out the direct link to the submit request page and instead replaced it with http://www.livejournal.com/support/; removed the numbering and replaced them with bullets -- they're not ordered in any way

FAQ20 - How do I ban/unban a user from commenting in my journal?

Replaced "Command Console" with "Admin Console". Changed the title from "Can I ban an individual from posting comments in my journal?" to the above

FAQ62 - How do I set up my message boards and see comments?

Lowercased "message boards" in the title of the FAQ. General housekeeping. Incorporated comment screening into the list of available options. Gave links to relevant FAQs when applicable.

FAQ57 - How can I help?

Stripped the link to comm_news. Also contemplating removing that final paragraph - what do you think?

FAQ60 - How are interests limited?

General housekeeping.

FAQ47 and FAQ91

Renamed these two from "What is the memory feature and how do I use it?" to "What is the memory feature? How do I use it?" and "What is the "Backdate Entry" option, and how do I use it?" to "What is the "Backdate Entry" option? How do I use it?". More for consistency with the other FAQ titles we have (like, "What are user pictures? How do I upload one?" and "What are overrides? How do they work?", to name two).

FAQ104 - How do I create an account?

Punctuation (spaces and parens) management.

FAQ36 - Why are there errors when I try to validate?

Replaced the link to lostinfo.bml with a link to FAQ11. It makes more sense. We were telling people that if they want a new validation email, to just go to lostinfo.bml... that doesn't make sense. But FAQ11 tells them why they do that.

FAQ14 - Why can't I use JavaScript or Flash in my styles?

Removed "unfortunately". It's not really unfortunate that this had to be taken away -- it's a security risk. Removed the short explanation/long explanation bit.

FAQ33 - Why are my posts showing an incorrect date/time?

Overall polishing. Full sentences in the instructions, for one.

FAQ26 - What does the "Don't auto-format" option do?

Cleaned it

FAQ23 - Can I prevent anonymous people from commenting in my journal?

Added a blurb about comment screening

FAQ45 - How do community journals work?

Stripped out the link to comm_news and replaced it with a link to community_quest. comm_news is a dead community.

FAQ93 - I no longer want my community. What are my options?
Added an introductory blurb and tidied up the rest

FAQ116 - Why am I having problem accessing pages on LiveJournal?

Renamed this FAQ from "I'm having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal. Why is this?" to the above. The original title is just icky and better stated in the new way

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