Erin (erin) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Proposed Addition to FAQ 24

Who can read my journal entries? How can I make things public, private, and protected?

Because adding a counter used to be customization territory, I think that adding 3 sentences or so to this FAQ linking to the Howto post on adding a counter would be a helpful. I link to this FAQ in every answer on counters I give, because the only way to know exactly who has access is to go Friends Only/Private.

At the end of the current FAQ...

While you can restrict who is allowed to read your journal, it is not possible to know exactly who is visiting your journal. You can, however, add a hit counter provided by a third party. To find a source for the counter, you will need to locate one that does not include the use of a scripting language (for more on this, please view ). This post: from the Howto Journal ( ) explains how to apply a counter to your journal.

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