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How do I join a community?

opiummmm created this new FAQ a few days ago. I wanted to add some information, and ended up with the following:
Many LiveJournal communities allow anyone to comment on entries in their community journals. However, to add your own entry, or to overcome any restrictions on who can view or comment on entries, you need to be a member of first. Check out the following FAQ to learn how to sign up for a completely free LiveJournal account: . It doesn't cost you any money to join a community, and there is no limit on how many communities you can join.

To participate fully in any community, you should visit its Community Info page. There, you'll find instructions for joining the community, and you can add the community to your Friends list. For example, to join the Jazz Club (which has the username 'jazzclub'), you would go to .

Instructions for joining the community appear near the top of the Community Info page. You may be told to click on a link, or to contact the community's maintainer. Joining a community will usually give you both membership and posting access. Membership is the ability to see members-only posts, if there are any, and also means that your journal entries appear on the community's Friends page. Posting access means that you can add an entry to the community's journal, as explained at .

Adding a community to your Friends page is a separate step. Provided that you're logged in, all you have to do is click the "Monitor Community" button, which appears on the Community Info page. Alternatively, you can edit your list of Friends as explained at . Remember that anyone on your Friends list can view your Friends-only posts. Adding a community to your Friends list does NOT allow its members to see your Friends-only posts, but it does allow the community's maintainer to see them if he or she happens to be logged in to the community account (which most maintainers do quite rarely).

Not included in my version are the following paragraphs from Opi's version, because I'm not sure how necessary it is to point out what should be obvious to most users:
If it is an open community, then it will say so on the profile page, and there will be the sentence "To join, click here", where "click here" is a link to join that community.

If it is a closed community, then there will be the sentence "To become a member you must contact its maintainer", where "its maintainer" is a link to the profile page of the user maintaining the community. Since community rules regarding membership are at the sole discretion of its maintainer, contacting them is the only way to join closed communities.

So, would someone like to act as editor for this page?
  1. Decide whether those two extra paragraphs should be merged with the rest, and if so how.
  2. Clean up my additions if necessary. Sometimes, by the time I've added all the details I think are important, the main points get lost in the noise, and that may have happened here.

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