A (beginning) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Change to FAQ #13.

For the FAQ on how to change the number of entries displayed at a user's journal / Friends page, there's just one little nit-picky thing I don't like, which I think might possibly need to be changed.

The FAQ currently says:

"Proceed as instructed, then enter something like the following in your style overrides section:


You can change the numbers to whatever you'd like..."

To me, it sounds bad to say "something like the following". I think it would be better to say:

"Proceed as instructed, then enter the following in your style overrides section:


Change the XX's to the number of entries you would like displayed. Note that you will need to stay within the allowed limits. For the default and maximum parameters..."

It's not a huge change, and probably not a very important one, but I just don't like how it says "something like the following". You don't need "something like" what's provided. You need exactly that, but with the numbers set to whatever you personally want. It's a small thing, but it bugs me. Anyone else agree?

If you don't like the XX's, what else could be put there?

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