Gay But Not Narrow (ruakh) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Gay But Not Narrow

The FAQ about setting language currently has links to /setlang.bml, /logout.bml, and /login.bml. Wonderful. I think it should also have links to /setlang.bml?uselang=en_LJ, etc.

Why to have the uselang-ed links: so we can link English-speakers to the English version this FAQ without worrying that all the links will take them to pages in Hebrew or something.

Why not to get rid of the non-uselang-ed links: because the text of this FAQ is also used by languages that simply haven't translated the page yet, so if we were to link someone to the Hebrew version of this FAQ and it still came up in English, they shouldn't have to view all other pages in English as a result.


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