she of the remarkable biochemical capabilities! (ursamajor) wrote in lj_userdoc,
she of the remarkable biochemical capabilities!

On the Getting Started guide linked from FAQ 55, under the "Your Password" section, it states:

"Good passwords are typically composed of either (a) a combination of letters and numbers or (b) a word that no one would ever connect to you (birthdays, children's names, pet's names, etc. are all too easy)."

Isn't (b) contradicting LiveJournal's current password standards? Linking FAQ 71 from this page might be a good idea so that the "No Dictionary Words for Passwords" idea gets some reinforcement ...

On a side note, there appear to be several extra spaces appearing on those pages in the middle of words, such as "r eceive," "e-ma il," and "ea ch." (All of the above errors are in the "Your E-Mail Address" paragraph.)

(Also, if this isn't the right community, since it's not a FAQ, where should I direct this post?)

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