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Abe Hassan

FAQ Updates

I'm working on FAQs 80 and up. Ike is working on FAQs 79 and down. I took one of his (75) and he'll take one of mine (96).

FAQ75 - "What are the LJ-specific tags?"
* General housekeeping
* Changed user to exampleusername and community to communityname
* Cleaned stuff up

FAQ80 - "How do I add users and grant posting access to my community?"
* General housekeeping
* Inserted some Horizontal Rules
* Changed commands to be in synch with /admin/console/reference.bml'

FAQ81 - "If I join a community, can the members see the protected posts made in my journal?"
* Reworded, but kept the same content

FAQ82 - "How do I leave a community?"
* Renamed from "Can I leave a community?" to the above
* Inserted a Horizontal rule
* Changed commands to be in synch with /admin/console/reference.bml
* Changed the order around, just a smidget

FAQ83 - "How do I post a Members-Only entry in a community?"
* Renamed from "Can I post a "members only" post in a community?" to the above
* Replaced 'posts' with 'entries'
* Replaced members only with Members-Only

FAQ84 - "How do I remove or ban a member from my community?"
* Renamed from "Can I remove or ban a member of my community?" to the above
* Added link to FAQ61 in first paragraph
* Added info after each of the commands, describing what they do.

FAQ85 - "How do I find a community?"
* Links to userinfo.bml
* Replaced 'post' with 'entry'

FAQ86 - "What is a LiveJournal to-do list?"
* Replaced 'todo' with 'to-do'

FAQ87 - "How do I add a to-do list item?"
* Replaced 'todo' with 'to-do'
* Inserted a horizontal rule, cleaned up the stuff below it.
* General housekeeping

FAQ88 - "How do I look at another user's to-do list?"
* Renamed from "Can I look at another user's todo lists?" to the above
* Added in a bit about going directly to the to-do list
* Replaced 'todo' with 'to-do'
* General housekeeping

FAQ89 - "How do I edit a to-do list item?"
* Renamed from "Can I ...?" to the above
* Replaced 'todo' with 'to-do'
* General housekeeping

FAQ90 - "What is the limit on the number of to-do list items I can have?"
* Renamed from "Are there limits on the number of todo items I can have?" to the above
* Took out the bit saying that having an unlimited number is an incentive for paid accounts.
* Added a link to FAQ38 on account types

FAQ91 - What is the "Backdate Entry" option? How do I use it?
* Moved the last sentence up to the first paragraph
* Added a link to the Calendar view FAQ (70) in the last paragraph.

FAQ92 - "Why is my entry not showing up where it should?"
* Renamed from "Why isn't my entry showing up where it is supposed to?" to the above. No end-with-a-preposition, no contraction.
* Changed the last sentence in most of the items
* Changed 'hitting' to 'clicking'

FAQ93 - "I no longer want my community. What are my options?"
* Inserted horizontal rules
* General housekeeping

FAQ94 -
* There is no FAQ94. Kind of like the 19th story in Wayside School (by Louis Sachar). I didn't delete it. It was pre-deleted. Must be having an affair with FAQ10, ike says.

FAQ97 - "How do I add a background image?"
* Inserted a horizontal rule
* replaced 'Howto' with HowTo
* replaced direct link to /users/howto/ with a link to the userinfo
* Edited the first line of the second paragraph

FAQ99 - "Who can help me create/edit a user picture?"
* Renamed from "Can anyone help me create or edit my user pictures?" to the above
* Changed the list items to use asterisks

FAQ100 - "How do I give my community to another maintainer?"
* General housekeeping
* Changed console variables to be in synch with admin/console/reference.bml

FAQ139 - "Is adding someone to my Friends list against the Terms of Service?"
* Renamed from "Is it against the Terms of Service to add someone to my friends list?" to the above.
* "friends list" renamed to "Friends list"
* added a link to the Terms of Service
* "If you have been added to the Friends list of someone else," because the FAQ asks one question but answers another for the majority of the first paragraph. I split the first paragraph up into two paragraphs.
* General housekeeping

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