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FAQ suggestion: userinfo "About You" size limit

Possible titles
  • How many characters are allowed in the "About You" area of my userinfo?

  • Is there a limit of characters for the "About You" field in my urerinfo?

  • How is the "About You" area in my userinfo limited?

  • Possible Answer:
    There is a limit of 65,535 bytes in the "About You" section of your userinfo page. In most cases, 1 character is equivelant to 1 byte-- with the exception of some UTF-8 characters.

    and possibly also mention:
    The "About You" section may contain HTML, but not Javascript, etc. etc.

    Also, I obviously am fickle on wether to use "field", "area", or "section".

    any thoughts?

    update: rho pointed out this entry, which is related to this entry, from a few months ago. It was never decided upon, it seems.

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