A (beginning) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Trailing slashes.

I know that many people have brought this up, but since no one has actually gone through the FAQs and pointed out all of the places where it occurs, I've done it myself.

FAQ #57 -- /suggestions/ and possibly with the journal URLs? (I don't think those re-direct, but you could do it for consistency, since it's done in the other FAQs.)

FAQ #125 -- goathack link doesn't seem to re-direct without the slash, but you could do it for consistency.

FAQ #38 -- Personalized sub-domain and traditional journal URL links, for consistency.

FAQ #71 -- Two two lj.com links, for consistency.

FAQ #131 -- After yourusername.lj.com, lj.com/users/yourusername, and /friendsfriends. Consistency.

FAQ #129 -- Could do it after domainmonger.com for consistency.

FAQ #30 -- After /comm/lj_textmessage, consistency. Should be a /userinfo.bml link instead.

FAQ #64 -- /admin/console/

FAQ #92 -- status.lj.org, consistency.

FAQ #26 -- lj.com, consistency.

FAQ #79 -- /admin/console/

FAQ #84 -- /admin/console/

FAQ #93 -- /admin/console/

FAQ #124 -- /users/howto/, consistency. /userinfo.bml

FAQ #12 -- /users/howto/, consistency. /userinfo.bml

FAQ #138 -- /users/howto/, consistency. /userinfo.bml

FAQ #87 -- /todo/

FAQ #89 -- /todo/

FAQ #116 -- status.lj.org, consistency.

FAQ #28 -- /files/code/clients/win32/

FAQ #50 -- sampleusername.lj.com, consistency.

With the consistency ones, that may or may not be just for consistency. On my browser they don't re-direct, but they might for other browsers. I'm not sure.

Also, after going through each of the FAQs, I've noticed that lot of them that have example usernames in URLs use different terms. Some say exampleusername, others say sampleusername, etc. Can we switch it so that they all use the same? I'll go through and look for all of the places it would need to be changed.

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