Benjamin Ragheb (benzado) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Benjamin Ragheb

Developer Section for the FAQ

Sorry to butt in here, but this seems like the place to make this proposal.

I think there should be a developer section added to the FAQ. There are some developer related questions that are frequently asked on lj_dev and lj_clients that are answered over and over again. In addition, much of the content of the Developer Area page could be merged into the new FAQ section. This would be an advantage because (it seems) the FAQ system makes it easier for contributors to add and update documentation. I think modifying the developer area requires going through CVS.

First, here is how I would move the Developer Area content into the FAQ.

LiveJournal code
Create "Where can I get the code for the LiveJournal server?" and direct people to (Also, the text should not offer the code for "all of the available clients", as it isn't all available there anyway.)

Database Schema
Create "Where can I learn about the database schema?". Briefly explain what a database schema is and direct people to

Customizing the look of LiveJournal
This can be redirected to the existing FAQ #128 or just removed altogether.

Writing LiveJournal Clients
Create "How do I write a LiveJournal client?" Direct people to The other page,, is redundant and should be removed. I don't think it has anything that the newer documentation doesn't.

Then, the developer area page could be:

  1. left alone
  2. left alone but amended to include a link to the new developer FAQ section
  3. rewritten to include a link to the FAQ and links to the other pages in the developer directory, like varlist.bml, views.bml, etc.

Next, I propose these new questions be added, which are not answered anywhere else:

  • How do I add my client to the download page?
  • How do I propose a change to the LiveJournal server code? (Explain how to submit suggestions (the community) and how to submit patches (zilla).)
  • Why doesn't the protocol itemid match the web itemid? (Explain how to combine itemid and anum)
  • How do I get a goathack account?

Don't think of this as a request that you do more work. I am not saying "you go do this." I would be happy doing it all myself and maintaining the Developer FAQ myself, if someone can give me access and show me how.

So, what are the drawbacks that I haven't thought of? :-)


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