Gay But Not Narrow (ruakh) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Gay But Not Narrow

Woah. Validation, or e-mail address verification?

So you know how people always come to support asking how to get validated (or claiming they already are), and you really want to reply, "RTFM, it's on the support page like, 50 gazillion times!"

Well, there appears to be a reason for that.

Apparently if you're not validated, the error messages tell you that your e-mail address hasn't been verified. Sorry, but my being validated and my e-mail address having been verified do not sound the same to me.

I really think this is something that should be fixed. The error messages should use the term "validated" to describe people/accounts rather than "verified" to describe e-mail addresses. Also, the lost password page should give instructions for how to use it to validate your account. Together with these instructions could come a link to the relevant FAQs. I also think the How-do-I-get-validated FAQ should say something about adjusting or temporarily disabling your spam filters; yes, it mentions filters, but doesn't seem to actually address that. Since that is perhaps one of the most often repeated phrases in answers to support requests, I think it merits being in the FAQ.

If I hadn't received my initial validation e-mail, I'm not sure I would ever have managed to become validated. Everything is so confusing, because the links and conflicting terms aren't intuitive to the uninitiated.

Prompted by this support request.

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