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Communities FAQs

With the addition of this: some FAQs should reflect using it as a method to add/remove posting access, remove membership, and change administrator/moderator status. Suggested additions:

FAQ84: How do I remove or ban a member of my community?

Before You can remove via Friends List bit:

By selecting the "Members" link for the appropriate community here:, you can remove membership and posting access. This can also be used to add new maintainers or to remove existing maintainers (see: for more details).

FAQ100: How do I give my community to another maintainer?

This one, I'm a little iffy on. We use this FAQ as a method to have community passwords reset if the maintainer forgets them, so the bit about change_community_admin should be there. However, I'm leaning more towards pushing them to a friendly User Interface, rather than the admin console whenever possible.
Entire FAQ, which proposed changes in red:

If you no longer want to maintain a community, first work out an agreement with another user to transfer the community to him/her. Then access the Community Management page ( Access the "Members" link. Here, you can checkmark the member you are transfering access to, and deselect the checkbox for your own Administrates status. You will then need to communicate the community password to the new maintainer. Note that this individual will need to already be added as a member of the community.

As an alternate option, you can go the Admin Console ( while logged in as the community's maintainer, and execute the following command:


Do not enter the < or > symbols; these are only for reference purposes. Replace and with the username of the community and the username of the new maintainer, respectively.

The community will be reconfigured to reflect its new maintainer, and its password will be changed to whatever password its new maintainer has at the time of the transfer.

As an example, to make user gooner the new maintainer of the lj_userdoc community, the command would be:

change_community_admin lj_userdoc gooner

FAQ80: How do I add users and grant posting access to my community?
Before the paragraph "On the other hand":

If you allow members to join, but want to grant posting access individually, you can do this via the Community Management page ( Access the "Members" link. Here, you can grant posting access to existing members.

Yup. Posted this to my personal journal initially :P. First damn public entry there in months! :)

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