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T-Shift FAQ

After reading some of the responses to the announcement in News, I thnk we're going to need an FAQ for this.

There haven't been any support requests opened for problems with T-Shirts yet, but it's still early [UPDATE: SR#15289]. Plus, when looking at their ste, it has 4 links a user that needed help could follow. 2 of them, sends an email to and the other 2 sends them to

Title on FAQ Page: T-Shirts / Store

Where can I buy LiveJournal T-Shirts?

You can visit the LiveJournal store here:

I need help with my Order

If you have questions such as: Why cann't I use paypal to pay? Can I write a check? Why didn't I receive an e-mail confirmation? How soon will my t-shirt(s) be sent to me? How do you Ship them? How do you determain shipping costs? Why is there a man atop that flagpole with no pants on? etc.

You will need to direct them to That is the company LiveJournal has contracted to make the t-shirts. In addition to making them, handles everything from billing and shipping to setting up and maintaining a store on their site for us. You can reach them here: Help?

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