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Moving a FAQ?

When answering a support request, I was looking for the FAQ on creating a custom style. Not finding it under customisation, I went to the FAQ page and did ctrl-f to find it, and was surpised to find it under Paid Accounts.

While I know creating a style is for PA holders, I think the FAQ itself belongs under customisation. The creation of a Style is listed under the benefits FAQ (128) but I think the actual FAQ should be moved. Thoughts?

The first paragraph reads:

Only paid accounts, permanent accounts, and early adopters can create custom styles. If you do not have a paid account and would like to create your own style, you will first need to get a paid account (

And I think it needs the addition of 'at least' to the second sentence or changed to say:
If you do not have one of these accounts, you will first need to....

In the second paragraph it links to FAQ 124, what are overrides and how do they work? but I think it could/should also link to 138 which is In What Other Ways can I Customise? since that is often used in Support Answers.

And here comes the English teacher in me:

In order to edit a custom style, you will need to first create a style to work from, which can be done at the Create a Style page (

How about ending the sentece with create a style. Ignoring whether or not you can end a sentence with a prep, it's still quite awkward sounding.

Edit: Thanks lyspeth for your input on the general rule. It gave me one question though, what does the use of Flash/Java ( have to do with paid accounts? If anywhere, again that might go under Cust or accounts, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with being paid.

Thoughts? Feel free to tell me to shut up

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