Ela (xtremesaints) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ 24

This FAQ is bugging me because of a recent request. When users go into Support and ask in the request why their friends pages still display their "secure" entries.

I know that this problem has been addressed in the private and friends section, but it doesn't really address custom security and why a post made to a selected group will still show up in the friends page of someone outside this group.

Perhaps it will be easier to state in a single paragraph above/beneath that any of the users' posts will display on another's friends page no matter what its security, as long as the person who has permission to see it is logged in.

Note that your non-public posts (private, friends only and custom security) will continue to show up on other users' Friends Views, even if the security of the post should not enable them to have access to these posts. This will only happen if you are logged in and are reading their Friends View, and in reality these posts will not show up for the user.

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