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Current projects in lj_userdoc

This is my response to the previous post, by thren.

lj_userdoc currently has 4 projects underway:
  • FAQ maintenance
    Description: Frequently updating the database of Help pages and answers to frequently asked Support questions

    Project leaders: opiummmm and delusionalangel

    Status: perpetually ongoing

    Volunteers needed: Yes

    Skills required: ability to write clear explanations, or detailed knowledge of some aspect of LiveJournal's operations; Support experience is an advantage

  • Guide authoring
    Description: Creating well-edited, thorough explanations of how to use all features that don't require programming skills

    Project leader: tribelessnomad (substituting for genders)

    Status: talkread.bml?itemid=7701537

    Volunteers needed: Yes

    Skills required: Good writing or editing abilities; an interest in XML is an advantage

  • Quick Start Manual
    Description: Creation of a basic manual which can be used as the initial end-user documentation on sites other than

    Project leader: alanj

    Status: Table of Contents, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

    Volunteers needed: No?

  • Re-design of the main Support page
    Description: Modifying the page so that users will be able to find information easily in either FAQs or Guides

    Project leader: tribelessnomad

    Status: talkread.bml?itemid=8505332

    Volunteers needed: No.

Sub-projects have normally been tracked through discussions in this community. Recent exceptions are:
  • a list of suggested FAQ improvements I received last weekend from gooner. I made many of the changes right away, but others need more research, and I have yet to post about them.
  • investigation of the table-cell alignment problem, which I assigned to momokatte. He was going to report in lj_support, which hasn't happened yet, but I know he made some progress according to talkread.bml?itemid=10560144. (Correction: Now that I think about it, this is more of an lj_support project. And mentuhotep said here that the documentation no longer needs to be updated.)
  • I asked the Abuse team for information on what volunteers should do if they're interested in joining. steve is going to provide that.

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