Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_userdoc,

log in vs. login - Find Them All™

Thanks to paivansade, I no longer need your help with this problem. Sorry for bothering you with this, and thanks for anyone who tried to be helpful in the process :)

First of all, thanks to everybody who participated in the poll in my previous entry. Wow - I wouldn't have thought so many people would take it in such a short time. Thanks.

Anyway... clearly, there is no disagreement here. Over 90% of the readership of lj_userdoc agrees with me that the verb, "to log in", should be spelt with a space, while the noun is a single word ("login").

Now, I'll reveal what motivated me to post this. There is this Zilla bug:
In a comment to this, Brad said,
log in -> login (for consistency with other parts of the site)

In order to resolve these inconsistencies, or the "wrong" consistency, I would like to ask everybody to take a look around the site for a while and report all occurrances of the wrong "login" vs. "log in" to me. I will collect all of your reports, list all the relevant translation codes, and then give a bundled report to lj_english where they will hopefully change it.

I've already harvested the most obvious place, the (ahem) "login" page, so you don't need to report that :)

Thanks for all your help.

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