suzie cheesecake // sarah? (sarah_mascara) wrote in lj_userdoc,
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Hi! I've just joined, but I already know lots of you guys hanging around here. I have a few questions/suggestions that I'd like you to consider.

On the FAQs about background images/posting pictures, nowhere does it say that the images must be uploaded to blahblah, and can't be just on your computer. I know that's what FAQ 130 (remote loading FAQ) is all about, but I've seen many support requests that say something like "I read the faq about posting images, but what if the picture isn't on the internet?" I think it might cut down on the requests like that if there was a teeny sentence on both the adding image FAQs that says something like "Any image you wish to use in your journal must first be uploaded to an account with a webspace provider that allows remote loading."

So! That's my two cents. Hello to everyone I already know, and Nice Ta Meetcha to those I don't. :)

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