Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

the "about" FAQ category

With the new site design we have, the "About" menu option has a link to "General Info", which displays the "about" FAQ category (link).

Now, this page might be getting a lot of traffic because it's so much more easily find-able. So I'm making a request of all of you. If anyone's got a minute or five or six, and is willing to peek at these FAQs and suggest ways to make them better or whatnot, please do so.

I'll look back at them on Saturday and see what I can do with them, but I thought I'd throw the suggestion out in advance in case anyone wants to mess around with it. Some of these FAQs just need to be scrubbed clean.

Thanks in advance!

One thing I noticed right away: "Use the "Find Users" features on the blue sidebar to the left ...". How do we want to deal with this? It's dystopia-based. Things like that. Just so that I remember when I look back at these.

I'm tired, pardon my incoherent-ness. ;-)

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