Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

The "about" FAQ category, Part II

I've updated some of the FAQs in the About LiveJournal FAQ category, and will be updating some more sometime soon. Doing this as a separate post because ... I dunno, I saw that this would be somewhat large-ish so I thought I'd split them up.

FAQ 56 - What is LiveJournal?
- removed references to the email newsletter
- changed the direct link to edit friends page to the link to the managing-your-friends-list FAQ
- this FAQ seems geared too much towards current users. ideas on this?

FAQ 5 - It's free?
- cleaned it up a bit
- added in a sentence on why invite codes were implemented

FAQ 118 - How did LiveJournal get started?
- nothing, yet.
- do you think a link to the stats page would be good here?

FAQ 4 - Who runs LiveJournal?
- cleaned up a bit
- hopefully we can link to the staff page once it gets updated. heh.

FAQ 55 - How do I get started?
- s/account creation code/invite code/
- nothing else
- I want to totally revise this FAQ, move stuff from the "What is LiveJournal?" FAQ here, and make the other one more ... What is LiveJournal?. suggestions/ideas/opinions?
- the link to the Guide. do we still need that?

FAQ 57 - How can I help?
- nothing at all, yet. some ideas, though:
-- add in translation
-- remove the last paragraph regarding "tell your friends about us"
- what do you think?

Thank you all!

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