Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

[updates] things that have changed

We've had a handful of changes made to the FAQs in the past couple of days and so I thought I'd make another entry describing what exactly has gone on, so that people know what's happened.

  • FAQ163, "How do I find a syndicated account?", was created [link]

  • FAQ162 ("Why can't I stay logged into LiveJournal, and what can I do to solve this problem?") was updated to include bits on time zones and a few other things [link]

  • All FAQs updated to use the new URL format, where applicable [link]

  • FAQ114 ("What happens to my paid account when it expires?") was edited to replace had/would tenses to have/will [link]

  • All FAQs that pointed to /download/ now link to FAQ158, with the exception of FAQ158 itself [link]

  • FAQ22 ("How do I disable commenting in my journal?") updated to include information on disabling comments on a certain post, along with other bits and pieces [link]

  • FAQ119 ("Can I edit/delete an entry in a community journal?") updated to include a note that you must still be a member of the community [link]


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