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?show=journaltype on friends/friendsfriends pages

There's a new option, described in this Zilla bug, that you can add to your Friends or friendsfriends page URL to get all personal journals or all communities.


shows personal journals


shows communities. From what I can tell from reading the patch, communities includes shared journals and the News journal. There also seems to be another option Y; timwi probably knows what that does and can explain. (If you give it a bogus type, it shows all friends, or all friends in the group you appended it to.)

I was thinking we probably want to put something about this into FAQ 102 (friends groups). Something like after describing friends groups, say that these are two ways to mimic groups that show just personal or just community journals. And if you're a paid member you can use them for friendsfriends as well.

I guess it could have its own FAQ, but that seems excessive.

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