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Tribeless Nomad

FAQ Maintenance Policy

We have to stop breaking links to FAQs, so I'm going to introduce an official FAQ Maintenance Policy. Don't worry, it's simple.

FAQs are designed to be easily editable, with no special formatting or approval process to slow down maintenance. It's important for FAQ maintainers to be able to respond quickly to new developments. Therefore, I don't want to introduce rules that could prevent FAQs from being updated quickly. Everyone with 'faqedit' privilege is trusted to edit FAQ text on their own initiative, without seeking comments or approval first.

However, there are a few ground rules that everyone should observe:
  1. Don't delete existing FAQs. Once a FAQ is in general use, it shouldn't be deleted without prior discussion and at least one week of advance notice to Support volunteers. Replace an answer if you need to, but don't erase the question.
  2. Create new FAQs judiciously. All FAQs should be clearly distinct questions. Every FAQ page should be either the answer to a question that's asked frequently in Support or a "Help page" that explains a specific feature (button, box, etc.) of LiveJournal's user interface. See talkread.bml?itemid=4860606 for the full policy, and if you're in doubt about whether a new FAQ is appropriate, ask first if possible, by posting in this community.
  3. Announce important changes. After making a significant change which hasn't been discussed in advance, please post to this community so that the new material can be reviewed by others. (Note: Everyone's been doing this. I'm not complaining.) Minor corrections don't have to be announced.
Opi, could you make sure that all newly appointed FAQ maintainers are aware of these requirements? Thanks.
Tags: administrative

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