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Recent FAQ changes (29 Mar - 6 Apr)

This is a collection of FAQ changes back a little more than a week (everything that was resolved in comments since Abe's last changes post).

FAQ 131 (Paid Account Benefits)
Removed bullet point for finding users with similar interests, as that's available for free users as well.
Changed wording of bullet point about syndication to more accurately reflect paid users' ability to create feeds and add more feeds than free users (since free users can add feeds now too).

FAQ 77 (What is a community?)
Substantially rewritten to give more information about how communities work.

FAQ 57 (How can I help?)
Bullet point about lj_userdoc added. FAQ was also changed to refer to the new Suggestions FAQ (164). See link below for that.

FAQ 134 (Comment Screening)
entirelysonja proposed a substantial rewrite of this FAQ for flow and information which was then adopted.

FAQ 164 (Suggestions)
gooner created 164 and it was then updated with a bunch of wording and content edits, including adding a link to the Suggestions summary view and a note that suggestions can't be edited, so proofread them before submitting.

FAQ 6 (image posting in entries)
Changed to use the URLs and better generic picture names. See immediately previous entry; just including this for completeness' sake.

If I've missed something, say so. It's 2:30 in the morning and I've been up for...I've been up for 20 hours? Wow. I'm going to bed now.

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