August 6th, 2001

  • maltor

Community administration

I'm not sure if this should be added to How do I configure my community or put in a separate one, but we need to mention how to change maintainers for communities somewhere.

1. Give the new maintainer the password for the community ID.
2. Make note of the current configuration: Open or Closed membership. All or Select posting access.
3. Have the new maintainer go here: Put in the ID for the maintainer account and the rest of the information from steps 1 and 2, then click on create community.

(no subject)

Tonight I'll be working on moving around the FAQs into new categories, as discussed in previous posts. I'll be mainly following the example given here : , but remember that the changes are by no means permanent. Categories themselves can be edited and deleted without any worry of changing content or breaking links. (except if you use the links from the admin/faq area).

Mostly (for me) this is a test of how easy it is to change things around, should the need arise.

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