October 22nd, 2001

  • maltor

Support Point FAQ

Ever since invitation codes were implemented, we've had a lot of new people start helping out in the support area. That's primarily thanks to the faq "How are invitation codes given out?" and the 5th line in particular "* For every 20 support points you earn, you will receive 1 code."

That line has also been responsible for on average of 1 to 3 support requests a day being opened asking How do I earn support points? or simply What are support points?

I've crafted the following FAQ out of one of sonicice's answers to such a support request. Could someone please create it, and then link to it from FAQ #103.

What are support points?

Support points are earned by helping users out on the Support area. Users start out by giving screened answers which need to be approved, and after a while of giving 100% correct answers, they may be given support privs and will be able to give normal, unscreened answers, make comments, approve screened answers and internal comments. Once a screened answer is approved, it becomes a regular answer and the support case is marked as answered and ready to be closed. When the user closes the thread, the points are assigned to the person who the user felt helped them the most, or the user can choose to assign no points at all. Only one person may receive points for that question. If you want to start helping out so you can earn points, read the Support Guide and watch the Support Community lj_support.