January 9th, 2002

how funky is your chicken?

Changing the FAQ.

I'd like to suggest a change to the FAQ for "Who can read my journal entries? How can I make things public, private, and protected" to reflect how to make entire jounals private.

I think we see enough support request on the subject that it would be a good idea, this way we have something to reference to when people ask how they make their whole journal secure.

It could read: "You can make your existing journal "friends only"/"private" by going back and manually changing the entries." or something. Perhaps someone better than words than I would word it better. *lol*

A little birdy told me there was some talk about changing the way journals change security settings...so if this is true, I'd like to suggest my idea as an interim change.

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Change to FAQ # 72?

Like radiantaaeryn mentioned, we do get some repeated requests for stuff not covered in the FAQ.

One that I see a lot of, and get an exorbitant amount of points over, is the marquee function.

Should we add the information about the marquee to the FAQ, or leave it out?