April 25th, 2002

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  • arie

Proposed Free User Override FAQ

I have discussed with several customization privs, including macheide the need for an override FAQ that covers the very basics of the override system, below you will find my proposed FAQ for this topic.

The need for something that would be a suitable accompaniment for requests that deal with complex overrides or overrides not covered by a more specific FAQ is fairly well established.

This also goes with a general trend toward education of the user rather than simply providing cut and paste overrides.

An educated user benefits both the support system and the user, as the better the user understands the system the more informed their questions will be. It would also cut down on repeated requests for overrides with each simple change the user wishes to make and provides a centralized location for the user to gain further information on overrides.

I understand that S2 is "just around the corner" but that does not change the fact that something like this is very badly needed in support. Currently the only even remotely reasonable FAQ reference to include with override requests that are not covered by an specific FAQ is the "How do I modify the look of my journal FAQ?" which is not adequate or even relevant to override requests.

Until S2 is actually implemented the user still needs a reference to turn to when dealing with overrides. Such a reference would help free users, volunteers, and anybody interested in working with the current customization system. This FAQ could also very quickly and very easily be edited to support S2 once it is available.

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