May 27th, 2002

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FAQ 103 - generating invite codes

Little change, to the last paragraph.

You can visit to generate your codes. Once you have generated a code, be sure to refresh the page ( so your code will appear. When you've generated a code, you can use it yourself or give it to someone else.


I don't like "... you have generated a code..." being in there twice, so that will probably need rewording a bit. But my main point, please include something about refreshing the page. A lot of support requests get opened because someone has just failed to refresh the page, and I pass over support answers that don't mention refreshing, when they have an otherwise good answer. Since I consider this information so vital, it makes sense to update the FAQ.

i didn't mean to sound quite so arrogant in the last bit. just because i think something does not make it The Way :p
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me B&W

adding emphasis to communities FAQs

I believe that How do I add users and grant posting access to my community? and Can someone remove or ban another member of a community? need some emphasis to the various headings, because they're quite difficult to navigate at the moment.

Here are the FAQs in their entirety, with the sections needing emphasis in bold (add emphasis in any way you like :)

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