May 30th, 2002

who the fuck is todd?

FAQ Changes

I've offered to help with FAQ maintenance, and jproulx has kindly accepted that offer. This is the first batch of changes; more will come.

The following minor changes have been made to FAQs to smooth out phrasings, fix typos, and/or correct grammatical problems:

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All of the above changes have been marked as "Typo (no notify)" for translators.

The following minor phrasing changes have been made, to bring the FAQs in line with the latest site changes or to reflect the fact that many clients other than the Windows client are beginning to contain more advanced features:

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All of the above changes have been marked as "Minor (notify translators)" for translators.

I will make a further post with additional proposed changes to FAQs that are more major, for discussion purposes, sometime within the next few days. Additionally, the typo/grammar/phrasing updates will probably be ongoing over the next several weeks.
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Proposed FAQ - How do I make a custom style?

My goals in creating a style creation FAQ are:
  1. To provide a more intuitive location for users to learn how to create a custom style. (Currently only the section labeled "Developer" has information on creating styles, this is not intuitive and most people do not think to go there for learning how to create a custom style.)
  2. To provide some basic information on who can create a custom style.
  3. To provide some basic information on what kinds of templates can be created.
  4. To provide information on the importance of renaming a new style.

The goal of the FAQ is for the user to come away from it with the following skills:
  1. The knowledge that only paid accounts can create custom styles.
  2. The ability to create a blank style or a style based on an existing one.
  3. The knowledge that they must rename their new style.
  4. The ability to rename a style.
  5. The ability to find more information on creating styles. (This is where the user will be directed to the Developer section.)

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LJ-Specific FAQ change suggestions

This FAQ at the least needs to be updated to explain the lj comm tag

but given the recent lj_nifty thread here and that it took me and many others a while to realize the head links to the userinfo, I suggest that the word "head" be added before icon making:

... where "username" can be the username of any LiveJournal user. This is displayed as a bold link to the journal, with a head icon linking to the profile page (User Info).

And for communities it can say community icon. Sure community icon is non-descriptive and if you can describe that thingy, go for it. But given the comparison to head icon, I think most people will get it. And it least it will make it clear that communities and users get different icons.

Update: I just remembered, I think it was GFM who actually suggested "head" when I was using a more awkward wording. I intended to mention that originally - credit where credit is due, but I'm a little scatterbrained right now.