July 17th, 2002

Ice City

Suggested FAQ additions and/or modifications

I've got three incarnations of this FAQ in my brain: either as a separate FAQ (which I don't think would work that well together), as a modification to two already existant FAQs or as two new ones.

Point 1 - Customization - adding a link to howto in either FAQ 7 (How do I modify the look of my journal?) and/or adding a link to FAQ 124 (What are overrides, how do they work?) to FAQ 7. Making the HowTo link in a separate FAQ is probably unnecessary.

FAQ 7 refers to the entire customization category, but I think the category could get overwhelming for a fairly inexperienced user. I personally think that two links to howto would be better but I'm sure I'm in the minority.

Point 2 - Communications - adding a link to news and lj_maintenance in FAQ 116, or creating a new FAQ called "How do I read about news and maintenance on LiveJournal?" (or something), with a recommendation and/or a link to add it to your friends list, and also including a link to status in that new FAQ. We tell users over and over and over to monitor news and lj_maintenance, and there are some self-sufficient users that would do so if they could see it in a FAQ.

Now, the aside from this is, we *really really really* are going to need all three of those updated, PARTICULARLY news and/or lj_maintenance *before* any service affecting maintenance, and certainly no later than after the event. Before AND after would be much better. I know it's a pain, but I know I type 105 WPM and am willing to take dication over the phone, and I'll bet I do NOT stand alone in that. And it will keep your users and volunteers MUCH happier and informed.
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