November 25th, 2002

Green Leaves

FAQ #103.

In Support, we get a lot of requests from people who want to know how to generate their invitation codes. I think that this is partly due to the fact that the only FAQ directly pertaining to invitation codes is titled "How many invitation codes can I generate?"

Because of this, I propose that we change the title to "How do I generate my invitation codes? How many can I have?" I know that it's a bit long -- maybe we can modify it -- but I would like to see something in the title indicating that the FAQ will explain to you how to generate your codes, and not just how many you can have. Also, since many people seem to be under the impression that invitation codes are e-mailed to them, I think that we should kill that idea earlier on in the FAQ.

To make the FAQ flow a bit more easily, I'd also recommend re-ordering things a bit. The re-written FAQ would read Collapse )
  • timwi

FAQ #102

Since no-one else has posted this, I'll just do it... :p

The translators have noticed an inconsistency in FAQ #102. The FAQ is entitled
How are custom friends groups used?
but within the actual FAQ, you're referring to them as "custom friend groups". Personally, I think it should be "custom friends groups", because most of the time, those groups contain several friends. :)
  • timwi

FAQ #102 again :)

This was added recently:
Friends group names are not case-sensitive; therefore, neither are the URLs
I'm afraid, that's wrong :) The friends group name within the URL is not case-sensitive, but the rest of the URL still is. :)