December 13th, 2002

  • gisho

FAQ suggestion - encoding / uneditable bio as seperate issues

I've noticed a lot of users opening Support requests because they can't edit their user bios; this is of course because of the text encoding issue and they are promptly directed to . However, a user browsing the Support area or reading the FAQs would be hard-pressed to connect said FAQ with the problems editing their bio, from its title. The title is completly appropriate, since it works for people trying to understand the 'default text encoding' option at the bottom of their Edit Info page; however, it occurs to me that it might be good to add a FAQ specifically entitled something like "Why can't I edit my User Bio? Why can't I edit my old entries?" that explains the issue. If people think this might be a good idea, I volunteer to write it, since I'm the one who brought up the issue.

I recognize the content would more or less duplicate #133, or simply link to it, but from the viewpoint of a novice user, Defualt Text Encoding and an uneditable bio are two compleetley different things (as verified by the support requests about this issue).

My apologies if this has been discussed before or this post is inappropriate; I couldn't find anything after a quick scan of the archive subject lines.
  • timwi

FAQ #103

Hm... FAQ #103 says:
* If you have a recently created account, then you are entitled to generate 1 code after you've had the account for a week.
Is that true even for paid accounts?
me B&W

FAQ 12 - changing fonts

How do I change the font in my journal?

would it be possible to add a link to the howto post that deals with font customization in refried paper? there's no mention that it won't work for refried paper at the moment, which causes confusion for users and volunteers (i won't link to the request where there was confusion, it's kind of rude to do that... but believe me, there is confusion!), and we can't link to tutorials in answers directly any more. seems to make sense to have it in the FAQ somewhere.
who the fuck is todd?
  • rahaeli

(no subject)

As brought up by gisho here (and a few other people in other places, and also in Zilla), there's no indication when someone can't edit a bio because of UTF8. Support also occasionally gets people who have used b0rked HTML and can't edit their entries because of that. So, let's throw all of those causes together in a single FAQ.

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scottieheadturn, curious

Random thought about clients

Any reason why there aren't any client FAQs? Generic ones, I mean. Specifically, something like "What is a [insert descriptive word here, maybe "third party" or "non-web" or something] client? How do I download one?"

If there is no reason, maybe we should have a FAQ about that.
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who the fuck is todd?
  • rahaeli

Whole Slew of FAQ Updates & Two New FAQs

Which begs the question, is a "slew" more or less than a "ton", and which is greater, a "ton" or a "metric buttload"?

* Added link to 24 in first paragraph
* Added bottom two paragraphs (about custom friends filters and the private option, with client warning)

* Added paragraph #4 (polls)
* Added bullet item #5 (polls)
* Added last paragraph (about friends pages)

* Removed W3C link (outside links are bad)
* "Dumbed-down" some of the explanations of HTML in third paragraph
* General grammar cleanup
* Removed all Windows-specific client references and instead suggested that users of clients check menu options.
* Added a warning under "MIXING IT ALL UP" to close all bloody tags that you open.
* Split out the warning about losing text into the paragraph starting BE CAREFUL

* Text completely rewritten based on text from braindrain
* Includes mention of subject view

* Removed all references to generating invite codes
* General grammar and parallelism cleanup
* Link to 142 (new FAQ)

Also added How do I generate my invite codes, and how do I invite someone else to join LiveJournal? and Why can't I edit my user bio, interests, or entries?