December 20th, 2002

  • legolas

FAQ 125 under wrong header?

Looking for a FAQ I recently translated, (125, about the official communities) I couldn't find it where I expected, which would be under communities header. Instead, it's under the livejournal header, which is also understandalbe, but still not easy to find if your loooking for communities to report something in, i think.
  • legolas

&uselang=en_LJ ... doesn't work everywhere

Not sure where this should go, if this needs to be a bug report tell me, but I tried the "&uselang=en_LJ" suffix as described in FAQ 132 on the FAQ itself and that worked, but trying it on the main FAQ page doesn't work: gives me a not found error.
Either this is a bug or the FAQ should be edited...

In fact on testing a little, doesn't work, nor does or ...

Something is definitely wrong here. I also tested different language codes on that last url, none worked. Better correct that FAQ?
  • legolas

inconsistency faq 55 <-> 104

FAQ 55 talks about an account creation code which you can obtain from an existing user or by buying an account.

104 talks about invite codes which is the correct term afaik.

Plus if you buy an account, you'll never see an invite or creation code, if I'm correct? Or is there something like an account creation code which you'll get from your payment and an invite code is the thing you'll from other users? Still need to clarify FAQ 55 in that case, imho.