December 24th, 2002

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FAQs 102-145

FAQ102 - "How are custom friends groups used?"
* Cleanup
* Removed "information provided by"
* Removed specific windows-client instructions and replaced them with generic-brand instructions.
* s/posts/entries/ and s/post/entry/

FAQ113 - "How do I check my LiveJournal email?"
* Took out the example with opiummmm
* Cleanup
* Inserted a horizontal rule

FAQ119 - "Can I edit/delete an entry in a community journal?"
* Reworded the first paragraph
* Inserted horizontal rules
* Removed most of the text under "Web Interface" and replaced it with what's there.
Collapse )
* Made it non-windows client specific

FAQ120 - "Can I make my entire journal Friends-only or Private?"
* Cleaning
* Removed the middle two paragraphs, because they talk about stuff that's all in FAQ2
Collapse )
* total revamp, kept the same content
* inserted some horizontal rules

FAQ121 - "Can I ban someone from reading my journal?"
* Cleanup
* removed "(not a currently available security setting but one that has been suggested)"
* removed several extraneous spaces

FAQ123 - "What is the directory?"
* Removed " but there will be limited support for free users sometime in the near future"
* Cleanup
* Opinions: should we add in a line saying "if you get an error saying that your account type doesn't permit usage of the directory, then you should log in / log out and log back in"
* s/directory/Directory/

FAQ126 - "Can I delete all my entries but keep my username?"
* Removed the last two paragraphs (same as those for FAQ120)
* Tidied up the rest

FAQ127 - "There appears to be an abandoned journal. Can I have the username?"
* OPINIONS: any opinions on a new title?

FAQ129 - "How do I forward my domain to my LiveJournal?"
* Rename from "Can I forward my domain to my LiveJournal?"
* Cleaning
* Removed "information provided by marcuso"

FAQ134 - "What is comment screening? How do I set my screening options?"
* Cleaning

FAQ135 - "What is the "Bind to IP address" option when I log in?"
* Replaced "login" with "log in" everywhere (including in the title)
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FAQ127 has undergone a name change, from "There appears to be an abandoned journal. Can I have the username?" to "Can I have the username of an abandoned journal?"

Should we include something about being able to rename to a purged account?
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LJ "QuickStart Guide" in the Form of a FAQ?

Regarding this request, and others like it, I wonder if it might be useful to have a sort od "QuickStart Guide" in the form of a FAQ that we could reference in our replies.

I imagine it would cover such things as entries, comments (and notifications), validation, password, friends lists/filters, and... anything else that people think it ought to contain.

It would be helpful to the volunteers and users alike, I think, and it might inspire people to read the entire FAQs, as well.

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