January 20th, 2003

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FAQ #21

I think this was asked before, but is there a reason that FAQ #21 doesn't link to FAQ #131? It says that the paid account benefits can be found at /paidaccounts/, which is true, but since we have a FAQ with the benefits...well, it'd make more sense to link there. And then link to /paidaccounts/ for the actual purchase of the paid account.
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I've updated FAQ44 ("How do I buy a paid account for somebody else?") to reflect the new method of payments. Also replaced "can" with "do" in the title.

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Also, FAQ21 ("How do I buy a paid account?") has been updated. It's also been renamed to "How do I buy a paid account?" because it didn't really deal with what a paid account *is*, just how to buy one.

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None of the FAQs contain the address to send payments to. The address appears in a confirmation screen.

Furthermore, I've edited create.bml to no longer have references to PayPal (replaced with linkage to /pay/) and to use lj comm tags instead of lj user tags.

So there we are. Breathe.
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FAQ Proposition

Title: "Why are my comments showing an incorrect time?"
Category: Comments

Content --
The timestamps on comments will always display in the timezone of the LiveJournal servers, which is US Pacific Standard Time (-800 GMT) or, when applicable, US Pacific Daylight Time (-700 GMT). The times on comments are automatically assigned when they are posted; there is no way to set or edit the time on a comment.

When viewing comments anywhere on LiveJournal, you will need to take into account this time difference in order to compute the local time at which the comment was posted.


Instead of quibbling over where the best place for this is, we will be adding a new FAQ. Please make suggestions and comments for improvement.