January 23rd, 2003

  • ruakh

editpics.bml and FAQ #95

As discussed in Comment #1 to Zilla Item #379 ("Adding a keyword phrase that contains a comma to userpic produces wrong behavior"), editpics.bml needs better documentation regarding the comma phenomenon.

I propose that be added to the page, linking to FAQ #95. Further, I think FAQ #95 should be made more clear, if possible (e.g., explictly explain about pics having multiple keywords, rather than just kind of implying it). I have no specific wording suggestion, though . . .
who the fuck is todd?
  • rahaeli


Refined some of the phrasings in FAQ136 to eliminate some of the worst confusions that we get in Abuse about this situation.

Third bullet point: "locate the image" changed to "locate the material"

Final bullet point: added text for user to copy

Thanks to arie for the suggestions :)