February 25th, 2003

scottieheadturn, curious

FAQ suggestion

There has been a fair amount of questions about the "moderator" option in /community/manage.bml. Perhaps we should make a new communities FAQ called something like "What is the moderator option and what does it do?". Then the FAQ itself could say the stuff about how it's not available yet, still being developed, but it will probably do the following when it does work, blah blah. And when it does actually work, someone can just change the FAQ to reflect that.

If someone wants to suggest wording or suggest that I suggest wording, go ahead. :)
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Support, meet Userdoc!

Three things to bring up:

1/ Could we possibly adjust What are LiveJournal's limitations on data? to include something about the earliest date you can post/backdate something, and the latest date you can post/backdate something? (1970-01-01 and 2038-01-19, iirc).

2/ Could we possibly add a FAQ about the new "kill all sessions" option on logout? timwi, I know, is great at explaining this (for example). I've seen several requests regarding this and I think it would be a beneficial FAQ to add.

3/ Could we add something to How do I buy a paid account for someone else? about the /paidaccounts/friends.bml function?