March 22nd, 2003

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Massive FAQ Updates

Okay, Ike, I'm giving in. Making an entry on the changes I've made. ;-)

FAQ 114 - What happens to my paid account when it expires?
- Added a blurb on the syndication points thing, as described here.
- Took out (unnecessary) parentheses around links.
- Added a link to login.bml in the last paragraph.

FAQ 77 - What is a community?
- Haven't done anything yet. One suggestion made here but that may have scrolled away, so I propose something different. Replace the last paragraph with an asterisk-ed list, describing the ways that communities are different. Friends are Members, Friend-Ofs are Watchers, you can't backdate, you can't post/comment *as* the community, you can't post custom or private. Anything I missed, please comment.
- This will be decided on in the poll at the end.

FAQ 14 - Why can't I use JavaScript or Flash in my styles?
- As described here, this FAQ is in a really weird place. Yes, it's specific to styles at the moment, but this FAQ can be adjusted to be "Why can't I use Javascript, Flash, or inline frames on LiveJournal?", as suggested by braindrain, and then its contents adjusted accordingly.

FAQs 56, 32, 34, 102, 24
- I won't bother making links because it's a general question
- Should FAQs that mention the blue sidebar be edited to remove that reference altogether? I meant, like, now.

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who the fuck is todd?

New "Troubleshooting" category, FAQs moved, new FAQs

This is somewhat unilateral in that I haven't discussed it with anyone else, but it's prepatory for having the new FAQ organization system, and also to help make some FAQs more easy to find for the users.

There is a new FAQ category: "Troubleshooting", intended for any FAQ that explains why things aren't working properly (with the exception of a few FAQs that deal with problems with other FAQ categories (mostly userpics and customization), where it would make more sense for people to find them in the original category). The following FAQs have been moved into the new category:

Why am I having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal?
Why are there errors when I try to validate? (title change: Why are there errors when I try to validate my email address?)
Why does my journal (or friends view) suddenly require me to scroll?
Why is my entry not showing up where it should?
Why are my journal entries showing an incorrect date/time?
Why are my images not displaying? What is remote loading?
Why can't I edit my user bio, interests, or entries?
Why can't I reply to comments in email?

There are three new FAQs:

Why is my friends view not updating with current entries? Why can't I see the most recent version of a page?
Why do I receive an "invalid cookies" error, and how can I fix it?
Why can't I stay logged in to LiveJournal, and what can I do to solve this problem?

The latter three will be very useful in support requests for web-ui, which is the other part of why I've done it, so that most of the FAQs having to do with display of pages, display of images, or site errors are now in the Troubleshooting category.

I've also moved userpics down below entries, and put troubleshooting in after entries.